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I am not so sure about Heshban. There is a lot of discussion about this
site. Some wants to remove the ancient city to another place because there
seem to be no traces of an occupation there at the putative time of the
Israelite conquest. It should, howver, be easy to obtain information in the
new Oxford dictionary of Archaeology published bt the Meyers two years ago.
Sorry for not giving the precise title, but I am sure than any library with
an interest in Mediterranean archaoelogy will possess a copy.


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> Jonathan Bailey wrote:
> > I am interested in letting this list work for me a little bit and
> provide me with
> > information as opposed to letting it take all my time by feeling
> obligated to answer
> > every question posed. Now 2nd millenium history is something that I have
> been
> > meaning to get acquainted with, and I would like to ask you just exactly
> how we know
> > that there wasn't a permanent settlement in Edom until the mid 13th
> century?
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> > >Dear Jonathan,
> > >There wasn't any permanent settlement in Edom until the mid-13th
> century BCE.
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> Dear Jonathan,
> I'm not up on my archaeology, but try, for starters, Nelson Glueck's _The
> Other Side of
> the Jordan_ or his _Excavations in Eastern Palestine_.
> I know that more recent excavations, such as those at Hisban (Heshbon)
> have confirmed
> that the settlement of Transjordan begins in the mid- to late 13th century
> BCE.
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