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I can recommend the new volume by Abegg and Ulrich and othersm The First
Bible, being a a translation of a collection of biblical passages preserved
among the DSS (Harper SF 1999). It does not include the Hebrew text, only
translations, but is very informative as to what is present--and in what
form--and what not. it is true that a serious study version would have to
include the Hebrew as well. But for an easy way to know it is excellent.


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> At 11.48 21/12/99 -0500, peter_kirk at wrote:
> >Well, Dave, I accept that you know more than me about DSS. Perhaps 
> >even Ian knows more than me. But the reference to omission of the 
> >Melchizedek story was to its absence from the Genesis Apocryphon, 
> >which Ian seems to have made a lot of. 
> Peter, there are no fragments of Gen14 amongst the DSS (the first part of
> Genesis is particularly poorly represented). There is also no mention of
> Melchizedek in Jubilees (I have mentioned problems here elsewhere).
> However, the GenAp is the first occasion in which we come across the
> Melchizedek episode and not unstrangely it is a document in which the
> epithet "Most High God" is quite common.
> Cheers,
> Ian
> >Of course his whole argument 
> >falls rather flat if the Melchizedek story is included in MSS of 
> >Genesis, especially if these are demonstrably earlier than the Genesis 
> >Apocryphon.
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