Samaritan Pentateuch and Documentary Hypothesis

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Tue Dec 21 07:27:12 EST 1999

gfsomsel wrote:

>d.  Sam. Pent. and the Book of Jubilees. The book of Jubilees was dated by
>H. Charles between 135 and 105 b.c.e. (1917:xxix–xxx), but by Zeitlin 
>(1939:3–8), with Albright’s approval (FSAC, 346–47), “in the early
time of 
>the Second Jewish Commonwealth in the pre-Hellenistic period.

It is strikingly difficult to date Jubilees as I understand it. I think
that the work has gone through more than one recension, so the notion that
it had seeds in an earlier time (I wouldn't want to go back before the
early hellenistic period though) seem quite possible. I know a scholar who
is now working on the idea that some of Jubilees refers to the first
century BCE. The Damascus Document knows Jubilees in some form and I
personally -- tentatively -- date CD around 164 BCE.

>e.  Sam. Pent. and The Book of Chronicles. 

[good information snipped]

The information you supplied here I find rather interesting. Thanks for
bringing it to my attention.



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