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Ray Clendenen wrote:

> There are some steps missing in your argument that I'm unable to supply.
> How did you arrive at the conclusion that the Pentateuchal laws were
> necessarily intended to be "for all time."

Because that's what Lev. 17:7 says, Ray.

> There is no indication in the
> text that the sentence in Lev 17:7 ("This shall be to them a law for all
> time, throughout the generations") applies to more than the command not to
> sacrifice to the goat demons. The expression ledor, "throughout the
> generations," occurs 13 times in Leviticus, and 26 times in the rest of the
> Pentateuch. I see no reason the expression should be taken to apply
> necessarily to the entire Pentateuch if there are textual reasons to
> believe that certain laws have been changed.

The expression in Lev. 17:7 comes at the end of the law enunciated in vss. 1-6
and summarizes it. This is the same style used in other instances of the use of
the expression "for {all} your generations". See for exanple Ex. 12:14
(summarizing the paschal lamb law); Ex. 12:17 (summarizing the Feast of the
Unleavened Bread Law); Gen. 17:12 (summarizingthe law of circumcision).
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