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Jonathan Bailey wrote:

> I am interested in letting this list work for me a little bit and provide me with
> information as opposed to letting it take all my time by feeling obligated to answer
> every question posed. Now 2nd millenium history is something that I have been
> meaning to get acquainted with, and I would like to ask you just exactly how we know
> that there wasn't a permanent settlement in Edom until the mid 13th century?
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> >Dear Jonathan,
> >There wasn't any permanent settlement in Edom until the mid-13th century BCE.
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Dear Jonathan,
I'm not up on my archaeology, but try, for starters, Nelson Glueck's _The Other Side of
the Jordan_ or his _Excavations in Eastern Palestine_.
I know that more recent excavations, such as those at Hisban (Heshbon) have confirmed
that the settlement of Transjordan begins in the mid- to late 13th century BCE.
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