JEDP (Melchizedek) (Dave)

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Mon Dec 20 20:54:43 EST 1999

> >> The scribe responsible reordered all the scrolls available to him and those
> >> don't seem to have been available.
> >
> >This is an assumption, Ian.  The simple truth is, we have no idea  why the
> >scribe of 11QPs did what he did with the text.  I suspect  that the scroll
> >is a liturgical composition/collection of some kind,  but that's also an
> >assumption.
> Yeah, Dave. Out of over sixty psalms there is one string of them missing.

Two, actually.  See my other post.

[das geschnippen]
> >I believe Peter has answered this sufficiently, so I'll repeat his 
> >question: have you read Psalm 110 in Hebrew lately?
> Let me be succinct: if you (or Peter) would like to make a case for dating
> the psalm, feel free to do so. This vague reliance on attributing the
> textual problems of the psalm to its age in preference to a number of other
> possible reasons doesn't cut it.

I notice you're not answering the question...

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