JEDP (Melchizedek)

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Mon Dec 20 18:13:32 EST 1999

> There is a simple reason why this psalm (and the Melchizedek story in 
> Genesis) might have been omitted from the Qumran collections: its 
> theology (which puzzled the Pharisees: Matthew 22:41-46 and parallels) 
> was not to the liking of the Qumran sect(s), perhaps because it was 
> being used by their enemies in Jerusalem to justify their rule.

God forbid I should agree with Ian :-), but in this case he is more 
correct.  There's an entire scroll from cave 11 about Melchizedek, 
and the Genesis story about him doesn't seem to have been 
excised from any Genesis manuscript that I am aware of.  I would 
have to go back and re-examine the cave 11 Psalms scroll to come 
up with a hypothesis about the absence of Psalms 110-117, but 
based on the other material I doubt it had anything to do with 

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