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Ruthy & Baruch alster at
Mon Dec 20 13:49:15 EST 1999

Jonathan Safren wrote:

> What do you do with Gen. 36 31,  "And these are the kings that reigned
> in Edom before there reigned a king of/over Israel"? Even Rashi
> attributed this king-list to the time of King Jehoshafat, leading Ibn
> Ezra to proclaim that his book should be burned. What do you do with all
> the other verses indicating late authorship of the Pentateuch?

I can't find what you mentioned in Rashi.  If I'm not mistaken, the
commentator Yitzchaki mentioned by Ibn Ezra was from Spain.  I'll try to
look it up tomorrow.  Rashi himself was much more conservative than Ibn
Ezra; see e.g. Rashi on Gen 12:6, as opposed to Ibn Ezra there and Dt 1:2.

Kol Tuv,
Baruch Alster
Kochav Ya`akov, Israel

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