Theophoric names for women?

Stig Norin stig.norin at
Mon Dec 20 13:14:18 EST 1999

Let us say they are very few. I am not shure that for example Atalja is
theophoric. "-jah" could as well be a feminine nisbe-suffix. But as you all
have mentioned there are some, predominantly in late redactional layers and
in the chronistic work that look like theophoric. But as theyare thet few I
find it quetionable if they really used theophoric women names in prexilic


Stig N

At 01.36 99-12-19, Ian Hutchesson wrote:
>Thanks to Todd and Baruch for their indications of female theophoric names.
>Stig's opinion was that it is questionable that there are any theophoric
>women names in the OT. What do you think with regard to the names that Todd
>and Baruch uncovered?
>And Niels Peter wrote:
>>Then the next question must be: What about theophoric names of women in
>>inscriptions from Palestine in the Iron Age?
>This is getting a little ahead of me, but yes that's basically what
>interests me, any examples of anything, given Chronicles' late writing and
>probable relatively late writing of Kings, that can pin a yahwistic name
>for a woman to the first temple era?
>The best I can find are the papyri from Elephantine circa 420 BCE, which
>seem to contain theophoric names only with a yahwistic or an elohistic
>component, notwithstanding the presence of female deity names, Anath-Yahu
>and Anath-Bethel (perhaps the same deity) and a possible son of Yahweh,
>'Ashim-Bethel. This last, when read in conjunction with Amos 8:14 might
>suggest that the Yahwistic people of Elephantine had connections with
>Samaria. This is by no means clear, but when Yedoniah sought help from both
>Jerusalem and Samaria, it was Samaria that supplied the help and there
>seems to have only been silence from Jerusalem.
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