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Jonathan D. Safren yonsaf at
Mon Dec 20 08:15:10 EST 1999

Jonathan, what do you do with the word "today" in  Gen. 22:14: "As it is
said today: 'At the Mount of YHWH he shall appear'"? The mountain in
question is not Sinai but Mt. Moriah, the Temple Mt. (which wasn't
called the "Mt. of YHWH" until after the Temple was built)  And the
"appearance" is that required of every Israelite at the pilgrimage
Isn't this evidence of late authorship, as even the medieval Jewish
commentator R. Abraham Ibn Ezra sensed? (He was the one who demanded
that Rashi's commentary be burnt for writing that the Edomite king list
dated from the time of Jehoshaphat).
BTW, Ibn Ezra mentioend 12 verses which appeared to him to be of
non-Mosaic composition. I'm sure you learned about these, at least from
Spinoza's writings.
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