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See Dave Washburn's response to your mail.

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>>>2) Have you got any verifiable evidence for a non-sedentary scribe in the
>>>ancient world circa 1000 BCE or earlier?
>>No. Do I need it?

>Yes, of course. You are making presumptions about how scribes perform their
>work. If your hypothetical Moses (or whoever did the work on the
>hypothetical mountain) edited the hypothetical sources, he needed to carry
>the original texts on the long hypothetical pilgrimage. What was the medium
>of the writing? Tablets as normal in semitic texts? The reason why we
>normally find such tablets in nice hoards is because the writers didn't
>move around at all.

>>>3) Have you got any contemporary evidence to suppose that Moses was a
>>>scribe, or that he had received the necessary scribal training?
>>Contemporary to what?

>To the hypothetical time of writing, naturally.

>Peter may have been tongue in cheek, but I don't think he was being


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