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Mon Dec 20 05:53:56 EST 1999

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>> In my statement about no challenges to Mosaic authorship have been successful, 
>> meant that none have convinced me. Yes, hundreds of people have successfully
>> brought to completion challenges to Mosaic authorship of the Torah. None that I 
>> read have convinced me that my belief is wrong.
>And why is that, Jonathan?


Largely because they are based on highly speculative models of history and ridiculous 
preconceptions about how a text 'should' be written. Also, the examples and motives 
that they have given have been eerily easy for me to discount, in most cases simply 
by looking at the text, without the need to consult commentaries or others who have 
already looked into the question.

Jonathan Bailey
Hochschule für Jüdische Studien

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