SV: Re[2]: Samaritan Pentateuch and Documentary Hypothesis

Niels Peter Lemche npl at
Mon Dec 20 05:26:43 EST 1999

> The extract below puzzles me. Can anyone explain its relevance to the 
> Samaritan Pentateuch? What evidence does the SP provide for the 
> existence of separate documents, or how the Pentateuch might be 
> assigned to different documents? (Point taken about Gilgamesh and the 
> Diatessaron - but what are the other examples in the middle of the 
> from...through range?)
> Peter Kirk
	The SP together with the fragments of Genesis among the DSS shows
that we have to do with a process of redaction. I can hardly see that these
texts can be used as proof of source criticism in its classical shape. They
just tell us that the book of Genesis was not written by one person
overnight but wasthe outcome of a proces of collecting and writing. See more
on Genesis at Qumran in Fred Cryer's article in the volume published by
Thompson in the series the Copenhagen International Seminar from
Sheffield in 1998 (sorry I do not have the volume here, so you will have to
look up the exact title yourself).


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