JEPD Evidence (Jonathan Bailey)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Mon Dec 20 03:48:53 EST 1999

>>2) Have you got any verifiable evidence for a non-sedentary scribe in the
>>ancient world circa 1000 BCE or earlier?
>No. Do I need it?

Yes, of course. You are making presumptions about how scribes perform their
work. If your hypothetical Moses (or whoever did the work on the
hypothetical mountain) edited the hypothetical sources, he needed to carry
the original texts on the long hypothetical pilgrimage. What was the medium
of the writing? Tablets as normal in semitic texts? The reason why we
normally find such tablets in nice hoards is because the writers didn't
move around at all.

>>3) Have you got any contemporary evidence to suppose that Moses was a
>>scribe, or that he had received the necessary scribal training?
>Contemporary to what?

To the hypothetical time of writing, naturally.

Peter may have been tongue in cheek, but I don't think he was being


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