Daniel's Aramaic

Niels Peter Lemche npl at teol.ku.dk
Sun Dec 19 15:39:39 EST 1999

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> >Daniel has chronology all wrong: if it were written when you would like
> it
> >the chronology wouldn't be in such a mess. Daniel's Aramaic is a farce,
> not
> >representing the Aramaic that it was trying to fake. Daniel has good
> Against what are you comparing the Aramaic of Daniel? What sort of studies
> have 
> you read about Daniel's Aramaic?
> Jonathan Bailey
> Hochschule für Jüdische Studien
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	[Niels Peter Lemche]  Don't know who sent the first mail. Daniel's
Aramaic to a casual reader seems somewhere between inscriptional Aramaic
from the Iron Age and Palestinian Aramaic, and later Syriac. Why should it
be a fake language? It has to be compared to Archaemenid and
post-Archaemenid Aramaic, but is somewhat removed from say the Aramaic of
the Sfire inscriptions. 


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