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>Jonathan, you made a number of comments here that were good, I would like
>to throw out few ideas which to me are so simple, yet are ignored. 1. A
>simple reading of the Pent. shows that the author (redactor) attempted to
>present a chronological history. (There are some notable exceptions, but
>this is the rule.) 2. If one looks at the toldot in the begining of Genesis
>they seem to fulfil a literary purpose: They filling the blanks. It is hard
>to tell a story when you jump from Adam of Noah, and you have no idea who
>this Noah is. Likewise it allows for Abraham to be introduced. Later the
>countings of the tribes (which is similar in style to a toldot) fulfills
>that purpose. 

>My point being that from a pure literary standpoint had the toldot not been
>there, something else would be needed to fulfil that purpose. 

Well, this is good evidence. Better, I think, than Kirk's supposition that Moses wouldn't 
have carried written records around with him. Still, though, not entirely convincing. But 
I am reading Genesis right now keeping my eye open for this sort of thing, and will see 
where it takes me.

Jonathan Bailey
Hochschule für Jüdische Studien

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