Theophoric names for women? (to Ian)

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Sun Dec 19 13:57:46 EST 1999

Dear Ian,

are you sure. I remember Kuntillet Ajrud as something further to the south
in difference to Khirbet et Qom closet oHebron where a similar inscription
has been found.

But this will soon lead to a discussion about the exclusiveness of the
worship of YHWH to Judean and Israelite (ancient state of) territory.


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> >Ian, does your method allow you to pin any name, Yahwistic or 
> >otherwise, on to a Jewish woman, or for that matter a Jewish man, from 
> >the first temple era? I ask in case the unwary may take a possible 
> >lack of convincing evidence for Yahwistic names for women as more 
> >significant than it actually would be. 
> Yes, Peter, you're right. My interest regards a certain argument that
> there
> were numerous Yahwistic Hebrew names. At Kuntillat Ajrud -- good Judean
> heartland -- for example, Yahweh and his consort were worshipped. Without
> females names all arguments are off. One cannot simply use the masculine
> names as indicators of people's beliefs at the time. Were there or were
> there not names with an Asherah component? That's what interests me.
> Cheers,
> Ian
> >So, perhaps you could list some 
> >Jewish names, especially women's names, from the first temple era for 
> >which you have evidence which you consider good.
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