Theophoric names for women? (to Ian)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Sun Dec 19 12:00:29 EST 1999

At 18.58 19/12/99 -0500, peter_kirk at wrote:
>Ian, does your method allow you to pin any name, Yahwistic or 
>otherwise, on to a Jewish woman, or for that matter a Jewish man, from 
>the first temple era? I ask in case the unwary may take a possible 
>lack of convincing evidence for Yahwistic names for women as more 
>significant than it actually would be. 

Yes, Peter, you're right. My interest regards a certain argument that there
were numerous Yahwistic Hebrew names. At Kuntillat Ajrud -- good Judean
heartland -- for example, Yahweh and his consort were worshipped. Without
females names all arguments are off. One cannot simply use the masculine
names as indicators of people's beliefs at the time. Were there or were
there not names with an Asherah component? That's what interests me.



>So, perhaps you could list some 
>Jewish names, especially women's names, from the first temple era for 
>which you have evidence which you consider good.

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