Theophoric names for women?

Jonathan D. Safren yonsaf at
Sun Dec 19 02:52:22 EST 1999

Niels Peter Lemche wrote:

> Is zbl not more common as the stock epithet of Yam?
> I know that it can be used of Baal, but the line zbl.ym.tpt.nhr (excuse my
> simplified Ugaritic) is standard.
> > From: Jonathan D. Safren [SMTP:yonsaf at]
> > Don't forget Jezebel, where zbl is a term for Baal (as in the Ugaritic
> > texts).

I forgot that. Then zbl as an epithet of Yam could strengthen the claim that Miryam is
a theophoric name containing the epithet Yam.

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