Off topic: Wingreek/Bibleworks font help needed

kdlitwak kdlitwak at
Sun Dec 19 02:09:59 EST 1999

    I wrote a paper a couple of years ago using the Hebrew and Greek
fonts in Wingreek 1.7, I think.  Or maybe it was 1.9.  I know it wasn't
1.9a (I don't have it installed anymore since a hard drive crash so I'm
not precisely sure).  Anyway, I need to do two things, and Id appreciate
suggestions anyone has.
1.  Install the correct fonts from Wingreek to bring the paper into an
editor (Wordperfect) and
2.  Convert the Hebrew and Greek font sets to Bibleworks, thus using
fonts my advisors both have.  I don't suppose there's an easy way to do
this, is there?  I assume that if I highlight a line of Hebrew, and
change its font, it will smelly be gobbledygook.  The biggest problem is
not the Greek modification, because it's all NT, but the Hebrew will be
really rough because it is DSS material, and I can find no on-line
source for DSS Hebrew texts (specifically 4QHodayot).  Thanks.

Ken Litwak

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