JEPD evidence

Ruthy & Baruch alster at
Sat Dec 18 12:04:14 EST 1999

The use of the differences between the Divine names Y-WH and Elohim as
proof of different documents must be taken with a grain of salt.  I am now
reading an MA thesis on Genesis written at Tel Aviv U. by an Orthodox
Jewish student.  Sometimes she refers to God as "Elohim", and at other
times as "Eloqim" (substituting a qoph for a heh, so as not to write God's
name).  Personally, I think she is a very good writer in general.  Am I to
assume that her thesis was derived from two sources, one which refuses to
use "Elohim", and another which has no such problem?

Baruch Alster
Kochav Ya`akov, Israel 

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