Samaritan Pentateuch (SAMAR) (1 MB)

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Fri Dec 17 17:35:58 EST 1999

Jon - maybe this is what you seek:

"Accordance Scholar's Collection CD-ROM =  Most of the Greek and Hebrew
texts available on this CD-ROM are "tagged" with information about the
dictionary form of each word as well as its grammatical analysis.
Most people interested in the original language texts select the GRAMCORD
GNT and/or the GRAMCORD HMT together with the Louw & Nida Greek Lexicon
and/or the BDB Hebrew Lexicon, and add on a modern English translation of
their choice.--------- GRAMCORD Hebrew MT (8.8 MB)....$100 (upgrade for
prior users....$35) Qumran Secular Manuscripts (QUMRAN) (3.3 MB)....$80
Qumran Secular Manuscripts: A New English Translation (QUMENG)  $30
Samaritan Pentateuch (SAMAR) (1 MB)....$40
Samaritan Pentateuch (SAMAR) (1 MB)....$40
The Hebrew text of the first five books of Moses, as preserved by the
Samaritan community. This module does not include any grammatical
tagging information. INFORMATION for review shown EXCERPTED  FROM
------------------------Accordance Library 4 Introductory Level....$49
Shipping and handling on up to 3 CDs $10 in USA, $15 elsewhere
Scholar's Collection CD-ROM....$50 -- includes:
Required in order to unlock individual modules below, includes Accordance
4.1, AccordIt, four laser fonts for Greek, Hebrew, transliteration, and
manuscript citation, documentation, English glosses, KJV and ASV Bibles,
Parallel Passages, and Wheeler Greek Notes.
The unique individually unlockable modules"
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> Subject: Re[2]: Samaritan Pentateuch
> I looked at it 281 DM. Each Teil is a separate volume? Do you know of anything
> in one 
> volume?
> Jon
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>> At 04:47 PM 12/17/99 +0100, you wrote:
>>> Is there an edition of the Samaritan Pentateuch that I can get my hands on
>> out there? 
>>> With or without apparatus will do.
>> i got mine from degruyter.  i think i paid about 250 for it.
>> best
>> jim

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