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Hi Noel,

allow me some perhaps not important comments:

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> Hello Peter
> This is a rather simplistic explanation, the fact that the texts are in
> the
> one document is not the equivalent to one author, if they are by one
> author
> then he must have been a schizophrenic.  
	[ Comment]  Why ? Do you allways write with the same style
regardless of your mood?
> You may at best postulate one
> compiler, you cannot discount the last 100 years because in some circles
> it
> is not in vogue.  the documentary hypothesis is in need of re-evaluation
> but
> the answer does not lie in one author.
	[Comment]  Why? I for once would like to see some proof of this
instead of just assuming. The only text I studied (concerning 19th century's
mania of finding several authors for a text was Isaiah and I found it to
have been writen by the same person.

> As for providing proof, the proof I suggest lies with the
> non-documentarians
> to account for the (for want of a better word) sources of the Pentateuch
> if
> they do not agree with the idea of at least 3 sources (JDP)
	[Comment]  What does this mean?

> The documentary hypothesis still, (although in modified form, the best of
> which I can not decide on) provides the best answers.
	[Comment]  I'm more than willing to accept this is your honest
opinion but, my friend, I never found a single reason to believe this.

> best regards
	[]  Peace and love 
> Noel O Riordan
	[]  Armando

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