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Wed Dec 15 12:17:43 EST 1999

barre at wrote:
> Can anyone offer some actual compositional analysis of say Genesis 1-11 that they would
> offer as superior to the Documentary Hypothesis?

For structural analysis, Gary Rendsburg *The Redaction of
Genesis* is quite helpful.  My dissertation (details in a
previous post) involved the issue tangentially, but shows
parts of Genesis 2-4 quite dependent on Genesis 1.

Whybray's book (I forget the title) also points out that
methodologically, almost any approach to dealing with the
evidence would be superior to JEDP.

I addressed the issue more directly (not on Gen 1-11,
however) in an article "The Naming of Isaac: The Role of the
Wife/Sister Episodes in the Redaction of Genesis"
(Westminster Theol. Journal, Spring 1991), 1-27.  Shows that
where the JEDP "evidence" seems the strongest (apparent
contradictions), the scholars simply haven't understood
what's going on.



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