What ARE the clues for sequence in BH?

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Wed Dec 15 20:50:21 EST 1999

As I understand it, the aorist participle in NT Greek and the 
perfective participle and gerund in Russian encode sequentiality, i.e. 
an action which is completed before the action of the main verb. They 
stand opposed to their present and imperfective counterparts which 
encode simultaneity. A Greek aorist participle with an aorist main 
verb encode not just the perfective aspect of two completed actions 
but also the sequence of those actions. And sometimes you can get 
quite a string of aorist participles with one main verb, which are 
presumed to be in sequential order. Is that right?

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Re: What ARE the clues for sequence in BH?
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Does anyone know of a language that codes narrative discourse information 
into the verb rather than coding some aspect which incidentally is 
appropriate for the discourse? I know of none. I would think then that 
sequence is derived rather than principal to the verb form in this case as 



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