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I can offer one which at least has the benefit that there is some 
evidence to support it, in that all texts and versions support it: 
This (and the rest of Genesis) was all written by one author as a 
single composition. At least this, rather than 19th century 
speculations, should be the starting point of our studies as we enter 
the 21st century.

I don't mean to say that I am committing myself to this view, but 
rather that I would like to see evidence to the contrary presented 
rather than assumed.

Peter Kirk

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Subject: JEDP
Author:  <barre at> at Internet
Date:    13/12/1999 22:43

Can anyone offer some actual compositional analysis of say Genesis 1-11 that the
y would
offer as superior to the Documentary Hypothesis?

Thank you.


L. M. Barre, Ph.D.

barre at
La Jolla, California

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