Prototype Theory and Hebrew Tense/Aspect

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Rather off the top of my head, I would say that the features of 
WAYYIQTOL which we have mentioned come to the fore as follows:

+past           usually, not always especially where context is future
+perfective     almost always, perhaps always (?)
+realis         almost always, perhaps always (?)
-dependence     not quite sure what you mean by this one
-subordination  I'd need to look more closely at this one

and if for now we allow a feature from a different level:

+sequential     usually, except in hendiadys and some special cases

I would also suggest a small secondary focus made up of cases in which 
WAYYIQTOL is actually a mis-pointing of WEYIQTOL.

Peter Kirk

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OK, assuming we're on level ground there, then, and working within 
Huovila's theory, which features do you see coming to the fore in 
BH usage of the wayyiqtol?

Dave Washburn
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