Prototype Theory and Hebrew Tense/Aspect

yochanan bitan ButhFam at
Tue Dec 14 15:58:43 EST 1999

>>[+past +perfective +realis -dependence -subordination]
>Yes, your set of features looks good, and you're probably right that 
>sequence does not really fit here.

well, if you're talking prototype (and network semantics) 

then you'll have to do something more with vayyiqtol. 

the features listed above are the prototype of qatal
in narrative and direct speech, (+ ki-clauses and asher- clauses).
if you don't like sequence for vayyiqtol, and i wouldn't push it, 
then at least +thematic ('theme advancing saliency').

see how easy it is to talk about a prototype?

as for aspect and tense, they are both semantic categories, and to be
distinguished from the lexically bound semantics of 'kind of action'. 
semantics, of course, must be integrated to syntax and surface structures
 in order to have any linguistic relevancy for a particular language. 

randall buth

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