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J. Blenkinsopp is not Roman Catholic but Church of England, but I would also
suggest his The Pentateuch as one of the best to read today.

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> In regards to Mr. Held's request for further readings on challenges to
> theory (alias: Documentary hypothesis) I would reccomend Joseph
> Blenkinsopp,
> The Pentateuch, An Introduction to the First Five Books of the Bible,
> Anchor
> Bible Reference Library Series, Doubleday, New York, 1992, ISBN
> 0-385-41207-X, hard bound, $29.00). I would imagine it is available
> on-line
> at ?
> Blenkinsopp is a Catholic professor at the University of Notredame school
> of
> Biblical Studies, and he covers  the background history of the evolution
> of
> the JEDP theory, synthesized by Wellhausen in the 1880's; then he
> discusses
> the various scholars of the critical-liberal school, like Perlitt,
> Morgenstern, Mendenhall, Winnett, Wagner, Schmid, Rendtorff, Vorlander,
> Whybray, Van Seters, Lemche, Thompson, etc. who after world War II, and up
> to the the 1970's and 80's, began to publish papers, monographs, and
> books,
> attacking or questioning various assumptions of the JEDP theory.
> Blenkinsopp gives full citations and an extensive bibliography, with a
> brief
> synopsis of why each scholar found faults with the JEDP. He also surveys
> briefly Jewish scholarship's anti JEDP stance (for instance, Cassuto) and
> notes the position of conservative evangelical and Protestant scholars.
> Blenkinsopp's observation:
> "In addition, and with specific reference to the Pentateuch, the
> Documentary
> construct itself has begun to show enough cracks and strains to place its
> survival in doubt." (p.viii)
> "Returning to the Pentateuch, it is true that the Documentary hypothesis
> has
> increasingly been showed to be fawed, and will survive, if at all, only in
> greatly modified form." (p.28)
> All the best,
> Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld
> Walldorf by Heidelberg
> Baden Wurttemburg,
> Germany
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