Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Sun Dec 12 09:25:34 EST 1999

John Ronning wrote in part:
>..my dissertation... also relates to some other recent
>threads in BH I haven't had time to contribute to - has
>several refutations of JEDP by showing how "J" or "E" parts
>presume an interpretation or background of "P" parts.

There are lots of problems with the simple JEDP approach, but this doesn't
make the general approach mistaken, just details and complexity. JEDP has
served its time and modern analyses have taken a lot from what it gave, but
moved on. I myself see parts of the so-called JE materials being written
after D & P materials. The idea of a "refutation" seems to imply throwing
out the baby with the bathwater.

(And the post on Leviathan was rather interesting!)



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