Genesis 1 & 2 (Peter, Ian, etc.)

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Thank you for pointing out this example, Isaiah 46:10. I notice also 
that although the meaning must be absolute (assuming we don't read 
"the beginning of the end"!) the word R")$IYT is not definite, i.e. 
with no article, as in Genesis 1:1. Maybe for some reason the article 
was never used with this word in its temporal meaning.

Thank you also for the reference to Waltke, and the reminder of the 
unnimity of the ancient version evidence.

Peter Kirk

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2) Re: Gen 1:1.  Although reshit is a construct 50 times out of 51 cases, the on
Isaiah 46:10, is important, because it shows that reshit can be used in the 
absolute with temporal
meaning.  That would mean that vs 1 could be treated as an independent clause, 
which is how the
ancient versions understood it (LXX, Vulgate, Aquila, Theodotion, Symmachus, 
Targum Onkelos; from
Waltke, p. 30 _Creation and Chaos_, who treats the issue quite thoroughly).


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