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Re: Genesis 1 & 2 (Peter, Ian, etc.)Dear Professor Niccacci,

I agree with most of your post, however, I see no reason to make Gen 2:4 a conclusion.  It is a heading, just like it is everywhere else (cf. Num. 3:1 where ToLeDoTH is introduced by words very similar to Gen. 2:4).  The word ToLeDoTH means "progeny," either literal or figurative.  Gen. 1 does not record the progeny of heaven and earth, it records the creation of heaven and earth.  Gen 2:4ff records the progeny of heaven and earth.  Then, Gen 5 records the progeny of Adam, Gen 6 records the progeny of Noah, etc.  Just like Gen 2:4, the Toledoth Formulas in 5:1 and 6:9 are followed by x-qatals used to provide setting.

Lee R. Martin

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          3) Gen 2:4 can hardly be divided in two parts as the literary critics usually maintain. It is constructed in a chiastic way (ABCD--D'C'B'). Further, because it resumes key words of 1:1--bara' 'elohim, $amaym, 'erets--2:4 concludes the first section (or *text*) of the Bible.
  Gen 1:1-24 is the *first creation story*. The second creation story begins in 2:5-6--with x-yiqtol expressing the setting, and then with wayyiqtol marking the beginning of the mainline (2:7). The second creation story concludes in 2:24 because in 3:1 a new story begins with x-qatal (setting). This third section goes on until the end of Chap. 3 because in 4:1 a further x-qatal marks the beginning of the fourth section, which extends until the end of the chapter.
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