Genesis 1 & 2 (Peter)

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Please, list moderators, how long do I have to suffer this kind of 
abuse simply for following the scholarly method of critically reading 
what other scholars have written and drawing conclusions from it?

Peter Kirk

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Subject: Re[13]: Genesis 1 & 2 (Peter)
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Date:    07/12/1999 01:54


.. All you have to do is show some evidence, rather than opting for 
authority, but you almost never do....


.. All the literary evidence...

PK: Except for that which you have arbitrarily chosen to reject. 
Exactly what literary evidence are you referring to? Do you have 
better evidence of its dating than I have given for Hebrews and LXX 

.. from the cultural background of the area goes for creation out of 
pre-existent matter...


Impute circularity
Invoke authority
Go off in tangents
Impose a priori theological understandings 
Avoid ancient understandings
Ignore both archaeology and epigraphy

>so shut up!

Impressive scholarship, Peter.


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