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> > I can only give a secondary source, but Cyrus Gordon on p. 30 of
> > the first fascicle of his Ugaritic Textbook gives a chart of various
> > consonant-changes (or variations, if one prefers) among several
> > semitic languages including Arabic, Ugaritic, Ethiopic, Hebrew,
> > Aramaic and Akkadian (which he spells Accadian).  In the second
> > column, soft d (d with an underscore in his transliteration pattern)
> > is the same sound in Arabic and a couple of Ugaritic texts, hard d
> > in Ugaritic and Aramaic but z in Ethiopic, Hebrew and Accadian as
> > well as what he calls "Old Aramaic divergences."  See also the
> > discussion on p. 26-27.  So there does seem to be some prima
> > facie phonetic evidence for such a sound variation.  Beyond that, I
> > can't say with any certainty.
> >
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> > Dave Washburn
> Yes, there certainly is the development in the orhtography of the consonantal sign of
> soft-d between zayin and daleth in Aramaic. I'm just wandering whether we can apply this
> development to the two names Luz and Lud in the Hebrew Bible. And if so, what does this
> imply for the texts and their date?

Actually Gordon was talking about sound changes, not 
orthography.  A few of the words he mentions that have a d sound 
in Ugaritic but z in Hebrew etc. are dbx "sacrifice", dqn "beard", dry 
"scatter" and dr( "sow".  Whether these sound changes can be 
applied to Luz and Lud is beyond my knowledge of this area.  I just 
tossed that out to affirm that two place names with that one sound 
difference is not an impossibility.

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