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>It is clear to me that all the evidence on these matters is from books 
>whose dating is speculative and controversial, especially if the

Which books are you referring to, Peter?  (-:

PK: How about all of the Hebrew and Greek Bible and the other Jewish 
writings e.g. 1 Enoch which you cite. Can you prove the date of any of 


If you can actually get over the hurdle and accept that the book of Daniel 
can be successfully dated,...

PK: You mean as the work of 6th century BCE Jew who served at the 
Babylonian and Persian courts? ;-)


.. But you might read the introduction to 1Enoch in Charlesworth's 
Pseudepigraphic collection.

PK: Which will no doubt tell me the consensus view, which is "no use". 
So I won't waste my time.

Peter Kirk

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