Sabbath Origins (Stephen)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Mon Dec 6 00:37:10 EST 1999

At 21.35 05/12/99 -0500, Stephen C. Carlson wrote:
>At 08:08 AM 12/5/99 +0100, Ian Hutchesson wrote:
>>Languages form a multiple taxonomy -- one excludes the other -- so the
>>writer says that Adar is of the Syrian tongue -- which indicates not
>Sorry, but this isn't how languages work.  For example, "casa" is
>"home" in both Spanish and Italian.  

Sorry, the text is saying something different. The Italian says casa is
Italian; the Spaniard says it is Spanish. The example doesn't seem relevant
to me.

>It is a fallacy to assume that
>just because a word is Aramaic, then the word is not Hebrew.  Besides,
>you still haven't established that the author/editor of 2 Macc. know
>what he was talking about.

Our problem here is that the writer chose to call it "Syrian", marking it
out of the norm.

I don't think your quibble has much going for it, so last shot is yours.


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