Sabbath Origins

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> [...] If you actually read all the post you seem to be responding to I did give
> George some other indications for my reasoning. However, George accepts the
> status quo for some reason and I was fishing for some relevance for
> accepting that status quo by asking for some dating. You also accept the
> status quo and are liable to provide dating rather than hiding behind
> authority.

Well, Ian, we do have differing views on the dating of various biblical books. You're
dating most texts to the Hellenistic era, whereas I'd date most of the 'Former Prophets'
to the Persian Era (but with a few elements perpetrated from before 586 BCE). That,
however, IMHO, is fairly irrelevent to the Sabbath=New Moon debate. Regardless of when the
texts were written, I still can't see a concrete connection between the Sabbath and New
Moon. I can certainly see where you're coming from and it's an interesting proposition.
However, it just doesn't quite reach the line. There seem to me to be bricks missing in
the wall. Perhaps the bricks are out there and perhaps the Sabbath was originally a New
Moon festival or a lunar festival of some sort. However, going from the texts, I don't see
the connection being quite made.

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