Dating Genesis, Madai & Japheth

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Sun Dec 5 16:04:02 EST 1999

An observation on an observation:
> Just a few more points concerning your "A rebuttal to Peter Kirk's 
> observations":
> <snip>
> WM: Does the order of names in Genesis automatically mean the first 
> name is always the first born or is this an assumption on your part ?
> PK: Well, it suggests that the author wanted to present them in some 
> sort of order of importance even if not literally intended as order of 
> birth. On your theory I would expect to see Madai at the head of the 
> list, as the first named son of Japheth.

As far as I know, name lists like this list in order of birth.  In those 
rare instances when they're listed out of order it is indicated, e.g. 
Jacob/Esau and Manasseh/Ephraim, so Peter's observation seems 
to accord with the general pattern of the biblical text.

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