Waw Consecutive in Gen 1

Brian Sullivan navillusbpi at primus.com.au
Sat Dec 4 07:42:19 EST 1999

I wish to thank all for their replies to my question on the use of the 
imperfect in this verse.

Paul Zelmers comments were indeed the same as my own, but I wanted 
clarification, and I found Peter Kirks critique of the translation 
“such-and-such gradually happened" informative in view of Genesis 5:3-5: 
“Adam was gradually 130 years old, and he gradually had a son in his own 
likeness, and he gradually named him Seth" etc. Thankyou for observations.I 
understand Watts as translating the verse in the sense of 'become.'

In view of criticism of the Genesis 1 account I had wondered whether the 
creative days could refer to progressive action over a large time period. 
As Gen 5 shows this is a simplistic observation in all cases, but could it 
apply in the ceative day sequence of Genesis 1?

My question is intended to be grammatical, not theological. But if any one 
can recommend any extra references on the topic I am an avid reader.

Once again,

Thankyou for your participation,

Brian Sullivan
History Student
navillusbpi at primus.com.au

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