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Interesting. But please leave the sources (JEDP etc) out of your 
study! Or bring them in only at the end...

Why do I ask this? It is clear that this division into sources is not 
(or no longer) accepted by all as an assured results of scholarship - 
note that about the only thing Ian and I can agree on is that JEDP is 
dead! So if you presuppose JEDP in your work, your work becomes 
valueless for that body of scholars who do not accept this 
presupposition. But if and only if you do not presuppose it, scholars 
(including you yourself) could use the results of your study as 
valuable material for confirming, invalidating or nuancing the 
documentary hypothesis.

Peter Kirk

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Subject: biblical dialectology....
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dear b-haverim,

wanted to throw the general results out for some comment, though i can't 
give out the details till i get something in press.

been assembling every sort of formal feature i can think off, as a sort of 
biblical dialect geography. there are four major, distinct bundles:

     Torah          Prophets          Sources
1.      leviticus     isaiah/amos          P 
2.     deuteronomy     jeremiah/ezekiel     D 
3.     gen/exodus     zechariah          J/E
4.     ezra-neh/chronicles/Writings (and with own internal continuum)

interesting that most psalms are #4. also for eg., 2sam9-20 (!)

i'm thinking that this will come out as individual studies, but maybe 
brought together as a monograph in a couple of years <sigh>.

thoughts? ;-)

Dr Vincent DeCaen     <decaen at>
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