Sabbath Origins

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It is clear to me that all the evidence on these matters is from books 
whose dating is speculative and controversial, especially if the 
consensus of modern scholarship is rejected, and the evidence is 
unclear and capable of many different interpretations, including your 
one and the more traditional one. So the wise path, which I will take, 
is not to put forward any speculations about these matters, but to 
admit that we don't know.

Peter Kirk

PS I did download Enoch fron your site some time ago. No idea when 
this was written, who by, who for etc. (you can speculate, but you 
have no proof). So it's valueless evidence.

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So, how bout you? You wanna give some datable evidence for your 
speculations on the lunar calendar? So far all I've noted from you are 
other people's opinions. I have tried to work in a historical space, using 
things that can in some way be verified. Without steps in that sort of 
direction there can be no historically relevant statements regarding 
biblical matters.



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