Sabbath Origins (Stephen)

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Not true. If I say that "Friday is the Germanic word for the fifth day 
of the week", I don't exclude English, because English is a Germanic 
language, and this word (in slightly different forms) is common to the 
Germanic languages. Language names can be generic, or used 
generically, to cover all of the languages in a group of related 
languages. There is no doubt that Hebrew is a language related to 
Syriac/Aramaic or perhaps counted in the group of languages spoken in 

Peter Kirk

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Languages form a multiple taxonomy -- one excludes the other -- so the 
writer says that Adar is of the Syrian tongue -- which indicates not 
Hebrew. You don't like the writer's words. You challenge the writer. So 
please explain why. (Why does he deem to say "Syrian" if it had no 
significance to him?)


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