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Vincent DeCaen decaen at
Sat Dec 4 23:49:22 EST 1999

dear b-haverim,

wanted to throw the general results out for some comment, though i can't
give out the details till i get something in press.

been assembling every sort of formal feature i can think off, as a sort of
biblical dialect geography. there are four major, distinct bundles:

	Torah		Prophets		Sources
1. 	leviticus	isaiah/amos		P
2.	deuteronomy	jeremiah/ezekiel	D
3.	gen/exodus	zechariah		J/E
4.	ezra-neh/chronicles/Writings (and with own internal continuum)

interesting that most psalms are #4. also for eg., 2sam9-20 (!)

i'm thinking that this will come out as individual studies, but maybe
brought together as a monograph in a couple of years <sigh>.

thoughts? ;-)

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