Sabbath Origins

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Let me ask you, Ian, to show some datable evidence for your own 
theory. As far as I can tell, you can date nothing except by 
speculation and the sort of specious argument "there is no proof that 
X existed before year Y, therefore X was written around year Y". Even 
passages which most scholars date early (e.g. Exodus 21-23) you choose 
arbitrarily to date however best fits your theory (that is what I 
meant by my warning about circular argument). I am sure that whatever 
dates George or anyone else might come up with you would find some 
grounds to doubt, if they didn't fit your theory. By your own criteria 
the datings on which your own theory is based are equally suspect. So 
you can hardly expect George to answer your request.

Peter Kirk

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Let me ask you to show some datable evidence for an earlier seventh day 


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