Waw consecutive in Gen 1

peter_kirk at sil.org peter_kirk at sil.org
Sat Dec 4 01:04:05 EST 1999

If Watts consistently translates waw consecutive as "such-and-such 
gradually happened", his translation of Genesis must certainly be 
distinctive, not to say strange, not to say totally unjustified.

Look for example at this version of Genesis 5:3-5: "Adam was gradually 
130 years old, and he gradually had a son in his own likeness, and he 
gradually named him Seth. After Seth was born the days of Adam were 
gradually 800 years, and he gradually had other sons and daughters. 
And all the days of Adam were gradually 930 years, and he gradually 
died." And so on all through the chapter. Does Watts translate like 
that? Should he have done?

And if the waw consecutive doesn't mean "gradually happened" 
everywhere, why does it in Genesis 1?

Peter Kirk

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