Genesis 1 & 2

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Sat Dec 4 04:53:18 EST 1999

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>> Additionally, we have to consider the great probability that the source material for
>> Genesis came from other languages and was translated into Hebrew at the level 
>> redaction. [...]

>What language do you suggest that a theological narrative about Yahweh was 
>composed in?

Who in the world could know? It completely depends on your view of who wrote them. 
Take Weisman's theory as a marker. He believes that the various Toldot sections 
were written by (roughly) God, Adam, Noah, Shem, Terach, Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, 
Joseph. I asume from this lineup that he believes in the Tower of Babel account as 
well as the flood. So with this in mind, he probably believes that the first 2 accounts 
were written in some Ursprache that God created the world in, or proto-semitic, if he 
believes that the langauge of the "righteous" was not corrupted by babel. 

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