Sabbath Origins

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Sat Dec 4 00:56:03 EST 1999

At 16.25 04/12/99 +1100, George Athas wrote:
>> As I have pointed out, the order in Hosea is new moons, sabbaths and feast
>> days. In Chronicles it is sabbaths, new moons and feast days. Chronicles
>> changes this order because it was written after the move from the full moon
>> sabbath to the seventh day sabbath and because of [...]
>The evidence isn't compelling. There's no real link between Sabbath and
Full Moon
>festivals that is concrete. You still have to find an equation between the
two. Perhaps
>there is one, but the evidence presented thus far isn't that convincing.
Still, it's a
>worthwhile search.

This is only one piece of evidence, George. Others include the sudden
appearance of foreign (ab)use of the sabbath from the time of 2Macc
onwards, the cognate relationship of sabbath with shapattu (and its
significance), no indication from the early prophets of a seventh day
sabbath. These are off the top of my head.

Let me ask you to show some datable evidence for an earlier seventh day



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