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But in the same verse (Lev 23:39) the 22nd day of the month is also 
called a sabbath (actually, $AB.FTOWN, a different but obviously 
related word). This would fit the idea of each of the four phases of 
the moon in a lunar calendar being counted as a sabbath, with seven 
day intervals (but presumably also occasional hiatuses in the seven 
day cycle).

I think the texts which everyone but you seems to consider relatively 
old, e.g. Exodus 21-23, point to a lunar calendar being used in early 
Israel, perhaps temporarily eclipsed by a solar calendar in Persian 
times and then reintroduced. Of course the Hosea etc passages about 
new moon festivals presuppose a lunar calendar; and it was widespread 
in the ancient Near East, as is shown by the very quotations you cite 
here. So I am not sure where you are going with this calendar point. 
Both a full moon = fifteenth day of the lunar month sabbath and a 
seven day cycle sabbath are linked to the lunar calendar.

Peter Kirk

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.. Why should the fifteenth day of the seventh month be called a sabbath 


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