Psa 16:10; chasideycha

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Fri Dec 3 10:30:21 EST 1999

On Thu  2 Dec 1999 (22:01:31 +0000), Ben Crick wrote:
>  There is a copy of the JPS /TaNaC/ in the office where I shall be
>  tomorrow morning (Friday). I'll take a look at Ps 16:10 and see if
>  there is a footnote there; if so, I'll post again.

 Further to the above: I located the JPS TaNaC in the chaplains' office
 and turned up Psalm 16:10. The translation offered there is "For You will
 not abandon me to Sheol, or let Your faithful one see the Pit" (with
 capitalisation as shown). There were no sigla, no footnotes, no comments,
 nor any editorial remarks whatsoever on that verse.

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