Psa 16:10; chasideycha

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> Interesting. The yod appears in my Hebrew text edited by Norman Henry 
> Snaith, published by Israel Bible Society 1970. I thought that the 
> Leningrad codex (dated 1008-9), the basis of BHS, was a Ben Asher 
> text. But of course no two MSS are identical. Does the Aleppo codex 
> have the yod here? Perhaps Jewish commentators know that this is a 
> peculiarity of a single MS, or of later Jewish MS tradition. It seems 
> remiss that there is no textual note at this point in BHS or the 
> Christian commentaries, especially given the doctrinal implications of 
> this difference. There is a Masoretic note in the margin of BHS, but I 
> don't understand it, perhaps someone can enlighten me.


 AF Kirkpatrick, /Psalms/, [The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges]
 1902, has a note on p 77 sv chasid:

 "The text [Kthibh) has /Thy loved ones/ (plur.), but the traditional
 reading (Qre) /Thy loved one/ (sing.) is supported by all the versions
 and required by the context." (ad loc Ps 16:10)

 There is a copy of the JPS /TaNaC/ in the office where I shall be
 tomorrow morning (Friday). I'll take a look at Ps 16:10 and see if
 there is a footnote there; if so, I'll post again.

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